The Original Playboy Mansion

Original Playboy Mansion located in chicago

In The Beginning photo of the original chicago playboy mansion

The original Playboy Mansion which is located on 1340 N. State Parkway was purchased by the conglomerate founder Hugh Hefner in 1959 and was his original mansion for his legendary parties. Hefner purchased the 1903 mansion as his base of operations for the Playboy company and this is also where he started his parties inviting over prominent figures in society and celebrities. One could almost say the sexual revolution began here.
According to the Chicago Tribune Hefner had some pretty extravagant plans to add a swimming pool to the base of the mansion with a pole from the top floors reaching the pool. According to the Tribune, the planning permission for the pool was approved.

Playmates were first seen at this mansion and Hugh Hefner’s parties included many celebrities of the time such as Warren Beatty and the world famous Rolling Stones before Hefner decided to up and leave for the Midwest after he purchased his now world-famous Playboy Mansion in 1971 for 1.1 million.


Hefner kept the original mansion but leased it to the ‘School of Art’ Institute for a mere $10 a year when he moved to his famous mid-west mansion. The Mansion in Chicago stayed as a school for many years until the 1990’s when a real estate company turned the mansion into seven separate private condo’s for people to purchase. The individual condos can go for up to £3m and the expensive but incredibly luxurious apartments come with a rooftop terrace, a master suite with his and her bathrooms and huge windows for plenty of light.

The original Playboy mansion was no less cheeky than the former residence which became notorious. apparently, the original mansion featured a plaque which stated ‘If You Don’t Swing, Don’t Ring’, a plaque which could almost be the mission statement for the Playboy Corporation.

The company continued to operate in Chicago until 2012 when it moved to the west closer to Hefner and Walton St. was renamed ‘Hugh M Hefner Way’ as a way for the city to honour the legendary impact of the bathroom wearing billionaire.Birds eye view of the mid-west playboy mansion

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