The Hidden Gem of the Male Escort- Their Importance in the Companion Industry

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When you first enter the world of escorting, you may base your expectations off what you see in the movies. Whether you are expecting a blonde bombshell to appear on your front doorstep or a brunette in a leather dress, you may get a shock if you consider that you could also get the male equivalent waiting for you.

Is there a Market for Men in the Escort Business?

In 2015, according to the EssexLive, it was estimated that there were more than 72,000 sex workers and escorts in the UK. However, from this statistic, only 6 per cent were men, whilst 88 per cent were women, meaning that there is certainly a prevalent gap in the market for the masculine companion.

Whilst many people would see escorting in general as negative and prone to carrying a stigma, male escorts themselves see is as an extension of their social lives, only with paid benefits and the possibility of meeting new people and travelling to new places. Escorting is a business with limits, and male escorts have the exact same rights as women and can walk away from a client should they feel intimidated. Not every escort date needs to end in sexual activity, thus it is well within the escort’s rights to say no.

With that said, many male escorts can gain a sense of fulfilment from a night out with a client. Independent male escorts do tend to charge a lot more than those who have been advertised by an agency, earning up to around £200-£400 an hour.

Many of these escorts end up travelling the world and can end up in a number of exotic locations. This provides them with a sense of freedom and independence, as they can keep a tight hold of their schedule whilst making other their clients happy.

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The Loneliness Factor

The one thing that clients have in common, whether they be for a male or female escort, is that they are lonely to the point where they are willing to pay for someone to spend time with them. For a professional male escort, like Francesco Mangiacapra, he has even said that his

“clients are incredibly diverse in terms of their social class, age, marital status, profession and sexual preferences,”

thus it is easy to get business from any background, as long as they are willing to pay. In regards to lonely older women, when a male escort is asked to be a companion to one of them, it usually due to a conflicted relationship between the client’s public appearance and their hidden fantasies. In order to get more work, it is necessary for any male escort to be prepared to form a connection with their clients, whether that be through drinks or a night on the town, work is work.

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Empowered Socialisation

The escorting world is not only there to be socially empowering to the escort, but for a male escort, it can become a great way to make the client feel empowered. For many women, especially those in their older years, if they feel unattractive, are potentially overweight or perhaps have experienced a divorce, then the company of a younger man can make them feel empowered. It is important that the relationship between a companion and client is one of respect and, potentially, friendship. That way the male escort can truly make the client feel appreciated, and respond to them in ways to make them feel listened to, earning them some clients that may become loyal in the future.

Final Thoughts

When you look into the world of the escort, it is filled with a diverse array of people, each with different needs, tastes and expectations. A client should be able to choose their companion without fearing judgement, the same being said for the escort themselves. At the end of the day, it is a good payment and can provide any gender with the social esteem they deserve, as well as a hard-earned paycheck.

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