Name: Hugh Marston Hefner

Other Names: Hef, Hugh Heffner, Puffin, Hugh M. Hefner

Born: Chicago

Nationality: American

Birth Date: 9th April, 1926

Death Date: 27th September, 2017

Place of Death: Playboy Mansion, Los Angeles

Age at Death: 91

Height: 1.75M



Father: Glenn Lucius Hefner

Mother: Grace Caroline Hefner

Children: Christie Hefner, David Hefner, Cooper Hefner, Marston Hefner



Star Sign: Aries

Religion: Atheist

Known For: Playboy Enterprises, Playboy Club, Founder of Playboy Magazine.

Net Worth: $55 Million (March 4, 2017)

IQ: 152 (Genius Spectrum)

University Major: Psychology


Other Interesting Facts

  • Grace, Hugh’s mother, loaned him $1,000 to start Playboy magazine.
  • The first issue of Playboy, published in November 1953, did not print the publication date as Hefner was unsure if he would be successful enough to fund the second edition.
  • During 1960, Racial segregation meant that black Americans were denied entry to most clubs. Hefner, however, opened the first Playboy Club in Chicago which allowed people of all races to enter.
  • The first Playboy Mansion was in fact first located in Chicago and boasted an underwater bar. Hefner set up his next Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.
  • Hefner saved the Hollywood sign when it was almost in a state of disrepair.
  • The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service decided to name a type of rabbit after Hugh in the 1980s. They called it Sylvilagus Palustris Hefneri.
  • Hefner set a Guinness World Record for putting together the largest personal scrapbook collection with a total of almost 3,000 scrapbooks; each containing photographs of his journey as Playboy’s Editor-in-Chief.
  • Hefner was buried next to Marilyn Munroe.