As well as being known for the Playboy magazine, apparel and philosophy; Playboy have also developed quite the reputation throughout the party community for having hosted some of the most phenomenal parties and club events.

The first Playboy club was opened on February 29, 1960, at 116E. Walton Street, downtown Chicago, Illinois, United States. Each of these clubs aimed to attract the high-class gent and would try to accommodate their needs by offering a truly spectacular evening.

Every club included a living room, playmate bar, dining room and club room. It was these clubs that got the Playboy bunnies so well known, as they served guests food and drinks in their infamously riské bunny outfits. Some of these Playboy bunnies were lucky enough to be featured in official Playboy magazine publications.

The Playboy Clubs went out of their way to ensure that their customers were well looked after and able to enjoy first-class entertainment. This entertainment included musicians, comedians and every now and then, a magician (what more could you want?)

The Playboy Clubs managed to stay popular until the 1980s where business declined. By 1991, all of the original clubs had stopped functioning.

It’s been 50 years after the first Playboy Club opened, where did they expand?

Here’s a Brief Look at the Most Popular Playboy Clubs Across the World!

After Playboy’s first club in Chicago, they later brought clubs to: Miami, New Orleans, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, San Francisco, Boston, Des Moines, Kansas City, Phoenix, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Denver, Dallas, Buffalo, St. Petersburg, FL, Lansing, San Diego, Columbus, Lake Geneva, WI, Omaha and St. Louis.

Miami Playboy Club

Only one year after Playboy’s Chicago club, they were able to open a club in Miami at 77th Street and Biscayne Boulevard.

This club came with its own “playroom” whereby customers would be able to mingle with the bunnies.

The Miami Playboy Club was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ensuring that visitors were always able to come here to relax and get away from the mundanities of 60’s life.

Hefner decided to buy the club back when its franchise owner decided to bar black customers from entering. Whilst this may have been common-place in the 60’s, Hefner was always an advocate for desegregation and this club because the first to overturn its policy of segregation; this outlook was soon to be employed by other Playboy Clubs throughout the USA.

Find the location of Miami’s Playboy Club here.

Watch: Inside Hugh Hefner’s Miami Playboy Club
The first satellite location of the Playboy Club opened in Miami in 1961. It promised South Florida men drinks, dining, and women in revealing Bunny costumes. The club was also a draw for young women who aspired to be Bunnies, drawn by its celebrity cache. But not all Miami women were impressed.

New Orleans Playboy Club

The New Orleans club, loved by musicians to play at (due to their high-quality piano) allowed local females a place to work, local gentlemen a place to drink and a great space for entertainers to perform.

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Watch the video below to learn about the bunnies’ first-hand experience working in the New Orleans Playboy Club

New York Playboy Club

Originally opening in 1962, on East 59th Street, between Fifth and Madison avenues, the New York Playboy Club will be coming soon in 2018.

This new club was due to open at 510 W 42nd St. New York, NY 10036, in fall 2017 and will now be opening in 2018. This club was predicted to be “One of the most chic and sophisticated venues in the world” by Playboy Enterprises representative, John Vlautin and goes by the name Cachet Boutique NYC.

Find the location of the old New York Playboy Club here.

Find the location of New York’s new Playboy Club here.


Atlanta Playboy Club

In 1965, Playboy opened it’s Atlanta Playboy Club which offered Atlanta with a stylish and sophisticated downtown party venue whereby they could mingle with other Playboy keyholders and meet the bunnies first-hand. This establishment was a members-only facility and unless you were a keyholder or guest of a keyholder, you simply wouldn’t be allowed in.

Located in the Dinkler Plaza Hotel at 99 Luckie Street, the Atlanta Playboy Club attracted only the most sophisticated, high-profile or successful gentlemen in the area. From athletes to local businessmen, this club opened it’s doors to those in search of a place to meet other like-minded gentlemen in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Entertainment in this club was always exciting and included well-known performers such as Dean Martin, Frankie Avalon and George Burns.

Find the location of Atlanta’s Playboy Club here

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Image of Atlanta Playboy Club

Los Angeles Playboy Club

On New Year’s Eve 1964, Playboy opened their first Los Angeles Playboy Club located at 8560 Sunset Boulevard, where you could also find the L.A. offices for their parent company.

By 1972, Playboy Club decided to relocate to a venue underneath Shubert Theatre which was also very popular. Whilst the food was noted to be good quality, it also came at quite the price. Service was apparently excellent here and bunnies would even serve your potato with a whole cart filled with dressings for you to choose from (which sounds delicious if you ask me!) Shubert Theatre was demolished in 2002.

Find the 1964 Playboy Club at 8560 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, here.


Detroit Playboy Club

in 1962, Playboy opened the official Detroit Playboy club on East Jefferson. Girls, dressed as bunnies in a satin corset, with a bow tie, bunny ears and of course, the well-remembered fluffy tail, would welcome visitors to the club pleasantly. It is said that “People queued [up] in all weather to gain entry to the Detroit Playboy Club” and as one of the most popular clubs in the area, you may, or may not be surprised to hear that “There were almost as many women as men waiting to get inside.”

Detroit’s Playboy club would then relocate to James Couzens, near West Eight Mile.

Find the 1962 Detroit Playboy Club on East Jefferson here.