Hugh M. Hefner’s pride and joy (Playboy) is one of the most recognized brands across the globe, publishing magazines in over 30 countries. Want to know how Hugh started one of the worlds most recognised brands?  Click to read about the history of Playboy.

Dating back to the early days in 1953 the playboy brand attracted high profile celebrities. Marilyn Monroe was the face of the first ever Playboy issue in 1953 – kickstarting the Playboy magazine with a bang.


First issue of Playboy Magazine with Marilyn Monroe.
The first issue of Playboy Magazine


From the successes of the magazine, Hugh Hefner opened the first Playboy Club in his hometown Chicago, 1960. Then later opened another 25 clubs in the US under the Playboy Enterprise. Although his nightclub ventures didn’t stop at the US, they reached global attention and expanded into London and even Tokyo via franchising.

The Original Playboy Mansion was purchased by Hugh Hefner in 1959 that played host the infamous playboy parties and acted as a base for the brand’s operations. There are many Surprising Facts About the Playboy Mansion you probably don’t know about including a private zoo and even a room called ‘The King’ named after the late and legendary Elvis Presley.

Who knows what ‘The King’ got up to in here? We sure do, follow the link above to see the full story. For more untold stories and facts regarding the legacy of Hugh Hefner visit the Fun Facts About Hugh Hefner blog.