The Girls Next Door: Where Are They Now?

In August 2005 Hugh Hefner opened the doors to his notorious mansion for the E! Reality show ‘The Girls Next Door.’
The show followed the lives of Hefner’s girlfriends living in the Playboy Manson. It was a ratings successes with millions of people tuning in every week to see what happened at the famous parties, photoshoots and bedrooms. Sadly the show drew to a close in 2011 but since then it’s become something of a cult classic.


Eight years later we’re wondering what happened to the other stars of the show…

Bridget Marquardt

bridget marquardt, playboy, girls next door

Bridget Marquardt appeared in the first five seasons of The Girls Next Door as one of Hef’s girlfriends. Known for her sweet personality and passionate pursuit of education, taking graduate courses while on the show. In fact, one of her most memorable moments on the show was when she was absent from a photo shoot to take her final exam. Since leaving the show in 2008, she worked on a program for the Travel Channel called ‘Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches’ which lasted a season. And now she works with Animal Nation writing articles and shooting short documentaries. Her Instagram shows she’s still in a relationship with Nicholas Carpenter.







Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson, Kendra, playboy

Kendra Wilkinson was the youngest out of the first three girlfriends. She became a fan favourite for her sassy attitude and fun-loving personality. In 2009 she left the mansion to pursue a relationship with Hank Bassett and to star in a spin-off show ‘Kendra.’ Kendra was a massive success and ran until 2011. During that time Kendra became a mother, a wife and best selling author. Sadly Kendra and her husband recently announced their separation but she still enjoys a successful career as a reality TV star.






Holly Madison

holly Madison, holly, playboy

With the title of main girlfriend’ Holly Madison was featured as a model in Playboy and worked behind the scenes. Holly and Hugh Hefner’s relationship ended in 2008 and Holly moved out of the mansion and went to Las Vegas. She also starred in and produced her spin-off “Holly’s World” which ran from 2009-2011. Since the end of her spin-off, she married her partner Pasquale Rotella and had two children.







Karissa and Kristina Shannon

Karissa and kristina shannon, models, playboy

At the start of the six season, Hef’s and his three girlfriend’s relationship came to a close, and three new girls moved into the mansion. This included two nineteen-year-old twins known as Karissa and Kristina Shannon. They first appeared in the season six premiere of The Girl’s Next Door which garnered over 2.4 million views. After The Girls Next Door came to a close, the twins featured in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ among other reality pursuits. The two were both charged with aggravated battery and put on probation. Most recently they’ve popped up in the reality TV show Rob & Chyna following Kim Kardashian’s brother.






Crystal Harris

crystal Harris, crystal Hefner, playboy

Another season six introduction, Crystal Harris was a playboy playmate who became Hefner’s main girlfriend in 2009. Crystal and Hugh married in 2012, and  remained so until Hugh’s death in 2017. Since ‘The Girl’s Next Door’ ended Crystal (now Hefner) produced an album and designed a line of swimwear. Crystal now documents her world travels on Instagram to her three million followers and regular advocates for animal rights.

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